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Our Background

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The National Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, volunteer organization financed and controlled by member families for the purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agricultural industry.

Niagara County Farm Bureau gives farmers and non-farmers alike the opportunity to be part of an organization dedicated to supporting and enriching the rural way of life. It provides an opportunity for individuals involved in agriculture to join together and make their voices heard.

We are active within the political system on a broad range of issues that concern every rural New York landowner, from taxation to conservation. We work hard to promote public policy that protects an owner’s right to use land.

We believe that a strong, viable agricultural industry is beneficial not only to our economy, but also to our local communities and our consumers.

Beyond Niagara County, Farm Bureau represents its members at the state and national levels.

Every Farmer Matters…to New York’s Economy

**Statistics courtesy USDA, NYSDAM & Farm Credit East
  • Agriculture is important to New York’s economy. The value of agricultural production was $5.67 billion in 2013.
  • Almost a quarter of the land in the state is used by NY’s nearly 36,000 farms to produce a very diverse array of products.
  • 99% of farms in the state are family owned.
  • Milk and Cattle account for nearly 28,500 jobs.
  • Fruit production and Wineries account for more than 10,000 jobs.
  • Vegetable farming created 7,396 jobs.
  • Greenhouse and Nursery production generated 6,700 jobs.

Legislative Affairs

New York Farm Bureau's Public Policy Department identifies consensus issues and advocates for our members’ interests on state and national levels to guide legislative and regulatory proposals for the benefit of agricultural industry and our rural communities.

The staff pursues the priorities set each year by the NYFB Board of Directors and uses the grassroots public policy developed by members at the State Annual Meeting as a guide.

NYFB lobbyists carefully monitor bills that are introduced in the State Legislature and Congress, as well as regulations proposed by state and national agencies, and support proposals that benefit agriculture while opposing those that hurt farmers and the food supply.

We are your voice and we value your ideas and opinions.

Volunteer Farm Bureau members travel to Albany each year to participate in an annual event. Farm Bureau members from across the state visit Legislators to promote the agriculture industry, and educate law makers on farming concerns.